Newhall motorcyclist dies in accident with SUV

California’s weather makes it one of the most enjoyable states for motorcyclists, but the fun can be short-lived in the event of an accident. Because motorcycles do not have the same safety features of traditional cars, a motorcycle accident leaves the driver more vulnerable to injury. The severity of these accidents was demonstrated by a recent tragic incident in Los Angeles.

A 20-year-old man was driving his 2005 Kawasaki motorcycle westbound on highway 126 when he lost control of his motorcycle. According to California Highway Police, the motorcyclist collided with an SUV driven by a 61-year-old Val Verde man. The driver of the SUV was heading southbound on Chiquito Canyon and was stopped at a stop sign, preparing to turn left. At this moment, the Kawasaki reportedly hit the 1994 GMC Suburban, proving fatal for the motorcyclist. There were four or five police units at the scene that impeded traffic while officers attempted to investigate the cause of the accident. California Highway Police report that the motorcyclist was travelling at a high rate of speed when he lost control of his vehicle.

Initially, the identity of the deceased motorcyclist was not released because officials were awaiting confirmation from the driver’s next of kin. The driver’s identity was later released by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Department.

More investigation into this accident may reveal who was truly at fault. In an accident as devastating as this one, it is in the best interests of the individuals involved, or their surviving relatives, to understand their legal rights to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other damages.

Source:, “Victim Identified in Thursday’s Fatal Motorcycle Crash,”Perry Smith, Dec. 14, 2012