Establishing Fault

Why Establishing Fault Is Important After A Motorcycle Accident

When accidents only involve one vehicle, it’s common for the police to report that the driver lost control of his or her vehicle. There are situations when a driver may have lost control for no apparent reason. However, that explanation is given so often, it loses validity and makes establishing fault difficult.

Any Los Angeles attorney who handles motorcycle accidents can tell you that accurately establishing fault is one of the most important parts of a personal injury case. If an attorney didn’t challenge the notion that the driver lost control, it would be difficult – if not impossible – to receive compensation for the injuries and damage suffered.

However, in some situations, even if a driver did lose control, it may have been because of something beyond his or her control such as dangerous road conditions or defective motorcycle equipment. Another party may be liable for the motorcycle accident if it was caused by:

  • A dog chasing the bike
  • A pothole in the road
  • A grease spot on the road
  • Debris in the road

Personal injury attorneys are experts at establishing fault by examining every potential cause of the accident, including what made the biker lose control of his or her motorcycle to cause injury.  If the police said you were at fault for your accident, it’s important to call an experienced attorney who has experience in establishing fault in motorcycle accidents.

Can The Police Report Be Used To Establish Fault?

When police officers respond to motorcycle accidents in California, they must write police reports detailing what happened and who was at fault. In some situations, a police officer’s accident report will state that one driver violated a specific traffic law, and that violation caused the accident.

In other situations, the police report may simply state that there was negligent behavior, without stating explicitly that the negligent behavior caused the accident. Regardless of how specific the accident report is or whether it explicitly states who caused the accident, it can be beneficial for establishing fault.

Although many people may not know how to turn a police report into evidence in a motorcycle accident case, an experienced attorney should be able to do just that. If there was any mention of reckless driving by another person, your attorney may be able to use that information to benefit your case.

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