Defective Motorcycle Equipment

Protective Equipment Won’t Save You If It’s Defective

Ask anyone if riding motorcycles is safe. Almost everyone you talk to will agree that even with the safest drivers, motorcycling is an inherently dangerous hobby and mode of transportation – especially when dangerous road conditions are involved. That said, the longer people ride bikes, the more protective equipment is developed – which increases the chances of more defective motorcycle equipment on the market.  Contact a Los Angeles defective motorcycle equipment attorney if you have been in an accident due to defective equipment.

Now, riders in California have access to helmets, gloves, non-slip footwear, bright and reflective clothing, armor and other protective clothing, and eye protection. Bikes are also being designed with additional safety features.

Regardless of the protective gear a biker wears or the safety mechanisms that are in the bike, they will likely result in more injuries than protection if defective. If you were injured in a motorcycle accident and you suspect it was caused by defective equipment, it’s important to work with an experienced Los Angeles attorney who can prove defective motorcycle equipment is to blame.

In both single-bike accidents and crashes with cars, police reports blame motorcyclists for being negligent. In reality, the liable party is often the manufacturer. Motorcycle accident attorneys can help victims obtain compensation for motorcycle accidents caused by defective motorcycle equipment.

Common Defective Motorcycle Equipment and Motorcycle Accident Causes:

  • Helmet defects
  • Tire failure or blowouts
  • Faulty brakes
  • Faulty headlights
  • Shock absorber failure
  • Stuck throttles
  • Chain failure
  • Improper dealer assembly
  • Defective pedals
  • Bad wiring
  • Bad fuel lines

Defective Brakes: I Used The Brakes, But The Bike Didn’t Slow Down

Many motorcycle experts recommend routinely checking your brakes to ensure they are working properly. However, even if you do that, it’s possible to overlook design defects in the brakes. If your brakes fail while you are riding, a motorcycle accident is almost inevitable.

Unfortunately, if brake failure caused an accident, you may not realize what happened. Unless you are a trained mechanic or motorcycle expert, it would be difficult to even know. To understand what led to your crash and to help ensure the negligent parties are held accountable, it’s important to work with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney who can coordinate an inspection, test the parts and determine if defective motorcycle parts caused the accident.

Defective Helmets: How Did I Get A Brain Injury When I Was Wearing My Helmet?

The community of motorcyclists has a schism regarding whether helmets should be mandatory for riders. Regardless of which side of the debate you fall on, everyone agrees on one thing – if you wear a helmet, it should protect your head and face if you get in an accident.

Research shows that motorcycle helmets can protect riders from traumatic brain injuries. However, if the helmet has a defective design, was built with cheap material or was constructed under faulty manufacturing practices, you could suffer a serious head injury. In other situations, helmets fail to stay fastened to riders’ heads during high-impact accidents.

Experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys can help prove head injuries were caused by a defective motorcycle helmet, including:

  • Lack of impact-resistant material
  • Helmets that move out of position
  • Failure to comply with penetration deflection requirements
  • Failure to comply with impact attenuation requirements

Defective Tires: My Tire Blew Out When I Was Driving On The Highway

In our motor vehicle-reliant world, tire blowouts often seem like everyday occurrences. Tire blowouts can be dangerous for car and trucks, but they can still use the majority of their wheels when one tire blows out. For motorcyclists, however, a tire blowout can cause serious or fatal injuries, and a blowout always leads to crashing.

When defects lead to tire blowouts, the defects were almost always caused during the manufacturing process. If a defective motorcycle tire proves that is where the defect originated, the manufacturer can be held liable.

However, blowouts can also be caused when a tire design does not match a motorcycle design. For example, many larger cruising motorcycles exceed the weight limit of tires that are designed for smaller motorcycles. If the tire is labeled incorrectly or if it was put on the bike by a shop, a third party can be held liable for the accident.

Don’t allow the manufactures or others at fault to go unpunished for defective motorcycle equipment. Call to discuss your accident and receive the compensation you deserve: 800-724-6294.