Dangerous Road Conditions

When Motorcycle Accidents Are Caused By Dangerous Road Conditions

Dangerous road conditions are often the cause of single-bike accidents and accidents with other vehicles. However, when police respond to the scene of the accident, it may not be apparent what caused the collision. A police officer who only sees a downed motorcyclist may assume the biker was not paying attention or was driving unsafely and not realize the accident was caused by dangerous road conditions.

In reality, many motorcycle accidents in California stem from more than just negligence. Motorcycle accidents are often the result of bad roads, sand, gravel, potholes, debris in the road and poor visibility at an intersection. The police report may state that the biker lost control of his or her bike, and without further investigation, it may seem as though the biker would not be entitled to any compensation.

However, if the motorcycle accident was caused by dangerous road conditions, an attorney can help ensure the appropriate parties are held accountable. Experienced Los Angeles attorneys can assist with accident reconstruction and can help prove which dangerous road conditions caused the motorcycle accident.

Dangerous Road Conditions

  • Roadway defects
  • Poor slope construction
  • Pavement drop-offs
  • Road resurfacing humps and uneven pavement
  • Potholes
  • Gravel, sand and loose dirt
  • Construction debris, including oil and chemical spills
  • Unmarked curves
  • Dangerous intersections
  • Obscured signs

When Roads Are Poorly Designed Or Poorly Maintained

When roads are poorly maintained or poorly designed, they can lead to dangerous road conditions that can result in serious motorcycle accidents. But what party should be held accountable when that happens? Depending on the type of road hazard, a government entity – such as the city, county or state – may be liable. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney could hold the city, county or state liable for accidents caused because of these dangerous road conditions:

  • Pavement drop-offs: When there is a significant height difference between the road and the shoulder, a motorcycle may bounce if the driver tries to move the bike to the shoulder.
  • Poor slope construction: If you look at the road, you might not notice that it is sloped so water runs off. However, when roads are built with an improper slope, water may pool on the road, causing motorcyclists and other vehicles to hydroplane.
  • Poorly marked intersections: If a motorist causes an accident because he or she failed to stop at an intersection, we may be quick to accuse the driver of being negligent. However, if the intersection was poorly marked or if trees or vegetation obscured the signs, there may be other liable parties.

When Roads Are Unsafe Because Of Construction Work

However, there are also temporary dangers that may lead to accidents. For example, if construction crews are working on a road and they fail to implement proper signs about reduced speed, lane changes or other traffic problems, the construction company may also be held liable for accidents that occurred because of the construction work.

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