Motorcycle Accident

Are Motorcycle Accidents Different Than Other Accidents?

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People routinely say that motorcycle accidents are more dangerous than other accidents because of the size difference in the vehicles. However, that is not the only difference. Motorcycle accident cases can also be more complicated than car accidents because of added challenges related to the adherent risks involved with riding, the serious injuries that result from not having a metal shield of protection and challenges with determining liability. Our experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys have experience handling all aspects of motorcycle accidents.

Although most personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles will handle motorcycle cases, it’s important to work with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney who has handled numerous motorcycle accident lawsuits. An experienced Los Angeles motorcycle attorney will know the additional steps that can be taken to help ensure you receive the maximum compensation you deserve.

Who Is At Fault In Motorcycle Accidents?

Before an injured party who has been involved in a motorcycle accident can be awarded compensation, a negligent party must be identified. In some situations, that’s a straightforward task. For example, if a driver ran a red light and hit a motorcyclist, the driver who ran the light would likely be at fault in this motorcycle accident.

But what happens if there was not another driver involved in the motorcycle accident? In some situations, poorly marked turns or badly designed roads may have caused the motorcycle accidents. When that happens, an experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney can make a telling difference in the outcome of a case.

When experienced motorcycle accident attorneys may know how to prove liability, inexperienced motorcycle accident attorneys may avoid fighting for the maximum compensation. When you choose a Los Angeles motorcycle accident law firm to represent you, it’s important to pick a firm that has experience holding all parties accountable for negligent actions.

What Happens If Faulty Motorcycle Equipment Cause A Motorcycle Accident?

When motorcyclists are on the roads in California, they don’t have the protection that comes with having a metal shield on four sides of their bodies. Plus, because their bikes only have two wheels, riders are more susceptible to tipping (and the subsequent injuries) when something unexpected happens.

As a result, when motorcycle parts malfunction, they can cause serious injuries. Perhaps defective brakes made it impossible for you to stop in time to avoid an accident. Perhaps your helmet or protective clothing failed to shield your body appropriately.

Sadly, when individuals are in motorcycle accidents caused by defective motorcycle equipment, they may feel as though they don’t have a way to defend themselves. The insurance company or another driver may question whether the motorcyclist actually used the brakes.

Until a thorough investigation has been completed, you may question whether you were to blame for the motorcycle accident. In the midst of all the stress from the accident, it can be difficult for victims of motorcycle accidents to discern what actually happened.

Thankfully, when experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys reconstruct accidents and complete their investigations, they know what to look for. More importantly, they can help hold manufacturers liable when defective motorcycle products cause accidents.

Our Experienced Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Attorney’s Can Help!

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident, it’s important to contact an experienced attorney who can help ensure your rights are protected. Do not be afraid to look for representation you deserve.