LAPD increases ticketing for texting and driving during April

In an effort to reduce accidents caused by distracted driving, the Los Angeles Police Department reportedly stepped up enforcement of laws at the beginning of April against people using their cell phones while driving . Some statistics indicate that using a hand-held device makes it four times as likely that someone will cause a car [...]

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Toddler injured during car sideshow

A roadway nuisance is making a reappearance on Los Angeles roadways. Drivers are holding up traffic so that they can do donuts or perform other stunts on highways. The activities, referred to as car sideshows, are not just minor inconveniences; they can also be the cause of car accidents as one family discovered on March [...]

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Car sideshow causes crash, injures toddler

A semi rear-ended a family car in California while traffic was stopped for a car sideshow. The car accident occurred on March 20 on Interstate 880 in San Leandro. Traffic on the interstate had come to a halt because of the car sideshow — an event in which one or more cars do donuts or [...]

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Chain-reaction crash in Los Angeles kills 2, injures 1

A collision in Los Angeles, which included a semi and two vehicles, resulted in the deaths of two people and injuries to a third person. The car accident occurred on April 1 at approximately 3:40 a.m. According to the California Highway Patrol, a Toyota of an unknown model rear-ended a semi in the number four [...]

Man evading police injures two, one critically, in Tarzana crash

One man is in critical condition following a vehicular accident that occurred near an intersection in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Tarzana. According to reports, the car accident occurred when a suspected narcotics dealer driving a Dodge Charger while evading police collided with a sedan, causing the sedan to crash into a sign and a [...]

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Bicycle accident in Los Angeles, CA exposes underlying problem

Los Angeles has a serious problem with hit and run accidents, according to statistics compiled by California and the Los Angeles Police Department. LAWeekly found 20,000 hit-and-run accidents, ranging from minor to fatal crashes, are annually logged by the LAPD. State data showed 4,000 accidents in Los Angeles city limits involving injuries or fatalities. The [...]

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Hit-and-run driver causes fatal car accident

On the afternoon of March 27, a driver in a Lincoln Town Car reportedly struck a BMW in Sherman Oaks near the intersection of Fulton Avenue and Riverside Drive. The driver in the Town Car failed to stop at the scene of this initial car accident, and the driver in the BMW followed him. As [...]

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One killed when driver crashes into business

Tragedy recently struck, as a 55-year-old approached the counter of a Los Angeles area bakery and coffee shop. At around 1:15 p.m. in the afternoon, as the 55-year-old man and other patrons filled the bakery and coffee shop, a car came barreling through the business’s walls. The car accident occurred when a 72-year-old woman was [...]

Driver hits several pedestrians in downtown Los Angeles

When eating in a restaurant, few Los Angeles area residents worry about being involved in a car or pedestrian accident. However, patrons at one downtown restaurant were recently shocked as a pickup truck veered off the road, hit several pedestrians and crashed through the restaurant’s window. According to police reports, the driver of the pickup [...]

Fatal motorcycle accident claims life of 23-year-old man

The life of a 23-year-old Los Angeles man was recently cut short when he was involved in a serious collision with a car. The fatal motorcycle accident occurred as the 23-year-old was riding his motorcycle northbound. As the motorcycle approached an intersection, he was struck by a car. It’s not clear from the police report [...]