One person is dead after an early morning truck accident in downtown Los Angeles. A 47-year-old bus driver died from her injuries in the collision. The accident happened when a 43-year-old tow truck driver ran through a red light and collided with a bus. After the impact, the tow truck careened into a local store while the bus was forced onto a sidewalk where it knocked over a fire hydrant.

The driver did not have a tow truck certificate, his motor carrier permit was expired, and he did not have a valid commercial driver’s license.

Violation of state law, as well as violation of the normal rules of the road, can be used as evidence of negligence in a civil lawsuit. The tow truck driver in this case was in violation of many state licensing laws in addition to not obeying traffic signals. Here the driver failed to obtain the necessary licenses to operate a tow truck, so he therefore should not have been operating a tow truck at all. According to witness statements, the tow truck driver was driving at a high rate of speed when he ran a red light. In addition to not following the rules of the road, the driver may have been driving too fast to break in time to avoid the accident. All these facts would appear to point to the tow truck driver as the negligent party in this accident.

The accident detailed here left a person dead from the injuries she sustained in the crash. The family of the victims of fatal accidents could have a viable wrongful death claim against a driver that is found to be guilty for causing of the accident.
Source: Southern California Public Radio, “,” Rina Palta and Brian Frank, June 14, 2013