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Toddler injured during car sideshow

A roadway nuisance is making a reappearance on Los Angeles roadways. Drivers are holding up traffic so that they can do donuts or perform other stunts on highways. The activities, referred to as car sideshows, are not just minor inconveniences; they can also be the cause of car accidents as one family discovered on March 20.

A mother and her two-year-old son were stopped in traffic on Interstate 880 while at least one car was engaged in a car sideshow. A tractor trailer was unable to stop in time and slammed into the back of the family vehicle. According to authorities, the woman and her son were helped from the vehicle and the toddler was rushed to the hospital. The driver of the car involved in the car sideshow has not been identified.

The boy underwent disc fusion surgery to repair injuries from the accident. He will have to stay in the hospital until he can walk and will be in a back brace for several months.

Because the semi hit the car, the truck company may be held liable for the boy’s hospital bills and other expenses. However, if the driver involved in the car sideshow is located, that driver could be held accountable as well. The family of the injured boy would be within their rights to pursue compensation from either or both of the parties involved. The medical bills for the surgery, rehabilitation and other unknown issues resulting from the accident could be included in the request for compensation. An experienced personal injury attorney could help the family determine current and future financial needs and seek the compensation they deserve.

Source:, “This Crash At A Car Sideshow Put A Toddler In The Hospital,” Patrick George, April 7, 2013

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