According to the police, an accident involving an SUV that collided with a pharmacy has led to at least four people being injured. The accident occurred at the intersection of Broadway and Fifth when the SUV reportedly crashed into the pharmacy. Those injured at the scene were transported to the hospital for treatment.

Reports state that the driver had made a wrong turn on the street, which eventually led to the driver colliding with two vehicles, multiple pedestrians and finally the store itself. According to news reports one of the four injured people was in critical condition at the hospital following the pedestrian accident and the status of the other three individuals was unknown.

A Los Angeles

Police Department officer was reportedly on the scene of the accident and was able to help the victims of the crash. The cause of the crash had not been determined and was still under investigation and it was not stated whether alcohol may have been a factor.

The four pedestrians injured in this car accident may be interested in pursuing personal injury compensation regarding this accident. Personal injury compensation may be able to help them with their medical bills, wages lost due to medical treatment and even future lost income, if applicable. They may also need to seek compensation for future treatments that they will require due to their current injuries if this is necessary. If the person in critical condition dies as a result of their injuries, their family can open up a wrongful death claim against the driver to pursue compensation for the loss of their life as well as any medical costs and associated costs.

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