Faulty Car Equipment

When Faulty Car Equipment Causes Car Accidents

When people are involved in car accidents, one of the first things that must happen is determining who is at fault. In some situations, the answer may be obvious. In other situations, a one-car accident may appear to have been caused by a negligent driver which is why it is important to speak with a Los Angeles car accident attorney as soon as possible after your accident.

For example, if a car sped up when exiting the highway, it may be assumed that the driver was acting recklessly. If there is no immediate evidence that a car attempted to slow down when approaching an intersection, most people would assume that the driver wasn’t paying attention.

But what happens when there is something else at play? Some people know they pumped the brakes, even though their cars accelerated or failed to slow down. When that happens, there may be another culprit – faulty car equipment.

If you suspect faulty car equipment caused your accident – such as bad brakes or a gas pedal that got stuck down – it’s important to find a Los Angeles attorney who has experience handling car accidents caused by faulty car equipment.

Who Is Liable When Car Parts Are Faulty?

When car parts are designed poorly, when parts are installed incorrectly or when the wrong part is used in a car, the result can be catastrophic. Unfortunately, some companies do not invest the necessary money to ensure their products are safe. When a manufacturer’s negligence causes car accidents, the company needs to be held liable for its negligence. Experienced attorneys know what steps to take to prove faulty equipment caused car accidents. Defective equipment may include:

  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Seat belts
  • Air bags
  • Fuel system leakage

Known Dangers Of Sport Utility Vehicles

Sport utility vehicles (SUVs) are often advertised as the perfect car for parents who are shuttling kids to sports practice. However, SUVs are known to have defective designs. Because the vehicles have a higher center of gravity than many other cars, they are more susceptible to rolling over in accidents. In addition, because most SUVs do not have roll bars, the roofs may collapse, causing serious injuries to anyone inside.

Numerous high-profile car accidents have made it apparent that some vehicles have inherent design flaws, but many auto manufacturers repeatedly deny their cars are designed defectively. If you suspect a defective car design led to your accident, contact an experienced attorney who can help find the necessary proof to hold the manufacturers accountable for faulty car equipment.

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