Establishing Liability

Establishing Liability If A Negligent Driver Caused Your Accident

If you were in a car accident, you may feel certain that the other driver caused the crash. It may seem straightforward to you, but will the police and insurance companies see it the same way you do? Unfortunately, establishing fault in a car accident is not that simple. For example, under California’s comparative negligence law, both drivers may be held partially responsible for a car accident – even an accident when it seems as though one driver was completely at fault. Regardless, it is important to speak with a Los Angeles car accident attorney as soon as possible so that they can help establish liablity.

To hold the negligent driver accountable and to help protect your right to compensation, it’s important to contact a Los Angeles attorney who knows California’s liability laws and has experience establishing liability in car accidents.

For example, under the comparative negligence law, both parties involved in the car accident may be considered accountable. If one driver is considered less at fault than the other driver, he or she may still recover damages from the other driver’s insurance company, even if faulty equipment is the reason. However, under California’s comparative negligence laws, if both drivers are considered 50 percent responsible for the accident, it’s possible that neither driver will receive compensation.

Receiving Compensation For Your Injuries

In order to get compensation for your injuries, you have to prove that they were caused by the accident. For instance, if you have severe back pain after a rear-end accident and the insurance company finds evidence that you were treated for back pain in the past, it may try to claim that your injury has nothing to do with the accident and deny liability.

At the end of the day, every car accident case in Los Angeles is unique. The insurance company will be looking at the unique facts of your case to see if it can get away with paying you less than you deserve, so you need someone on your side who will investigate the facts, establish liability and fight for your rights.

Maybe you were driving a car that was hit. Maybe you rear-ended someone else but you believe that the other driver was at fault. Maybe you were a passenger in a car that was involved in a collision. Whatever the case may be, if you suffered injuries, it is in your interest to contact a Los Angeles car accident attorney right away.

You only get one chance to pursue the compensation you deserve. Protect your rights by working with an attorney who has experience establishing liability and who can accurately identify every party that contributed to the accident.