Accident Injuries

Severe car crashes and the steps to recovery

New Yorkers have their Metro Cards. Denizens of Los Angeles have their cars. But while New Yorkers have other means of transportation, many Angelenos would be lost without their wheels, given the sprawl of their city and limited public transportation options.

It’s no surprise that in a city known for its endless traffic jams, car accidents — and injuries — are inevitable. But what stands out about one accident recently reported in a local college newspaper is the seriousness of the injuries sustained a freshman business major in a car crash on Interstate-5.

Student sustained serious head injuries in a car accident

The young woman was a passenger in a car that overturned several times on the highway. She suffered injuries to the left side of her head, and a fractured skull. Additionally, she sustained injuries to her spine, elbow and left hand. After undergoing surgery at the University of Southern California Medical Center, the student has been able to open one eye and is out of the coma, although she has not fully regained consciousness.

Important evidence in the case of a severe injury

The injury to this student puts emphasis on the severity of highway accidents which can be the result of careless or distracted driving. A person who is injured will want to first address any immediate medical issues. This may result in loss of work and trauma, as well as financial and emotional hardship to their family. A person injured in a crash may be entitled to receive from the insurance company and the negligent driver, compensation for medical expenses, lost wage benefits, payment for pain and suffering  and more.

Medical care after a crash

Medical records are an important aspect of any personal injury case. With medical records, an attorney can get an idea of the extent of injuries and how long it can take for recovery. The police accident report also plays an important part in identifying fault and holding a negligent driver accountable.  Police officers who come to an accident scene draft accident reports, which include diagrams, police officers’ names, vehicle information such as license plate numbers and other driver and witness information. The parties can obtain an accident report at a local police record office.

The role of traffic tickets and photographs at the scene of a crash

Traffic tickets are another important element of a personal injury case. Although not a definitive indicator of fault, a traffic ticket can be used as one piece of evidence that helps to assign blame for an accident in a civil case.

It can also be important for to take photographs of the damages and the scene of the accident. A person in an accident should not rely on the police or a witness to take photographs or provide the best description of the events. Photographs can help to show the extent of damage, the surrounding roads, the weather and the overall conditions at the time of the accident. Once an injured person is receiving treatment for the injury, it’s suggested to follow medical advice and any medical referrals. Due to the extent of some traffic injuries, a person will want to document any time off of work or other expenses related to the injury or the accident.

Holding negligent drivers accountable

Drivers have a responsibility for the safety of others and an overall duty of care when operating a motor vehicle on the public roads or the highway. Negligent drivers are often distracted or driving aggressively at the time of the accident. If you have been the victim of a car accident, an experienced car accident attorney can work with insurance companies to help obtain the compensation that you deserve.