Accident Injuries

Two injured in highway accident near Glendora, California

Highway accidents can cause severe injuries and even death. They usually involve vehicles traveling at high speeds. Those injured in car accidents may endure great pain, suffering, and financial loss. Although there is nothing they can do to reverse their misfortune, they can seek compensation to pay for all the costs that result from the accidents.

A 39-year-old woman and a 17-year-old male were injured in a major collision that occurred on Arrow Highway near Glendora, California, on Dec. 19. The woman was driving a minivan in the left-turn lane of the highway, and was trying to make a turn onto Glendora Avenue. The teen, driving a white truck, was traveling in the opposite direction, and swerved in an attempt to avoid colliding with the minivan. However, the truck clipped the minivan and flipped over. The teen was extracted from the truck by fire fighters who arrived at the scene later. Both drivers sustained minor injuries and were transported to nearby hospitals.

Car accident victims may have to pay a substantial amount of money to treat their injuries, and they may be so badly injured that they are unable to work. Getting compensation from the parties that are responsible for the accidents will help them avoid financial trouble and even speed up their recovery. Victims should learn about their rights under the law to ensure the best possible resolution to such an unfortunate incident.

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